Having trouble applying for your director ID? Check out our director ID FAQs!

If you’re having difficulties with the process please check out the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Want to know more about the application process? Check out the ABRS website or check out our blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most likely reason you haven’t gotten a number is that you haven’t completed the application process.

Getting a director ID is a 2 step process.

The first step is getting a myGovID with standard or strong identity strength.

Step 2 is applying for your director ID using your myGovID.

Once you have your myGovID set up go back to the ABRS website and click on the link to apply with myGovID at the bottom of the page.

If you forgot to save your number, don’t panic!

Retrieving your director ID is easy.

Just head to the ABRS website and click on the login link in the top right of the page. It will prompt you to use your myGovID to log in.

From here you can access your director ID.

It should be on the right of the screen (if using a desktop computer).


But, depending on your circumstances, you might have more difficulty finding documents to verify your identity with the ATO.

Part of the application process requires you to verify your identity with two pieces of information the ATO holds about you. If you haven’t got a notice of assessment here are some other suggestions:

  • details from an Australian bank account that earned interest in the last two years,
  • a dividend statement from the last two years,
  • a Centrelink PAYG payment summary,
  • PAYG payment summary/income statement from an employer, or
  • super details if you have made a contribution in the past twelve months.

For more information see the ABRS website about verifying identity with the ATO.

If you don’t have any/enough of these documents you can also try upgrading your myGovID to strong identity strength.


It is possible to apply by phone or by completing a paper application form.

You can read more about applying using these methods here.

We can also post out an application form and instructions if requested.

Once you have your director ID you need to pass it on to the record-holder for your company. If we act as your ASIC registered agent, then send it to us.

We do not recommend emailing your director ID.

Please see the instructions on uploading to myprosperity.

We do not recommend emailing your director ID.

The best way to send us your number is through your myprosperity account.

First, take a screenshot or photo of your director ID number.

Next, log in to your myprosperity account and click on docs.

In the docs screen there should be a section at the top that says drop files here or browse. Depending on the device are using you can click on the browse link to find the document for upload or you can drag and drop it over the box.

Once your document is uploaded send an email to hello@equinoxfinancial.com.au to let us know.

If you can’t upload to myprosperity we would suggest calling us and giving us the number over the phone, or sending it to us by post.

For data security reasons we don’t recommend emailing your director ID.

If you are still having trouble or your question isn’t listed please contact us.