The easiest and most secure way to send your tax information.

We recommend that you send all tax return information to us through your myprosperity account.

myprosperity uses bank level data encryption to keep your data secure.

Your unique password protected account also stores your information for future access. This ensures you meet your substantiation requirements.

Sending your information via myprosperity is easy.

  • Take a photo or scan any paper copies of documents.
  • In your myprosperity account click on Docs. Drag and drop on the upload documents section.
  • Send an email to to let us know your information is uploaded.

Where to find your tax information

Last year there were some changes to the way tax information was sent to you.

These changes have come about due to the ATO’s drive toward electronic exchange of information and the ongoing focus on data matching.

Single touch payroll (STP) was a major change to employer payroll reporting. STP means your information is now available digitally.

Some of the changes were:

  • An income statement will be available from your myGov account. Previously a PAYG payment summary/group certificate was provided by your employer.
  • Your private health insurance statement is now accessible directly from your health provider via your account log in. Most health funds have advised they will no longer send paper copies.
  • Bank statements are available from your internet banking account. You may no longer receive paper copies from your bank.

We are able to access much of this information from the ATO via prefilling.

But we ask that you collect your information to ensure that the information used to prepare your tax return is correct.

Not all the information will be available in early July. Employers need to finalise the STP reporting and then your myGov ATO account will say ‘tax ready’.