A new name but the same great team.

Equinox can trace its heritage back to 1977. As a well-established financial partner, we’re proud to have helped many individuals, families and businesses create great financial futures.

You may have heard of MJS Business & Financial Services, our trading name until 2020. With our origins in accounting services, we have evolved over the years. While these services continue to be an essential part of what we do – today we are also known for our well-established and thriving financial planning business. Both businesses deliver personalised and professional customer service.

As we grew and evolved our brand evolved with us, which led us to reimagine our identity. Equinox represents balance. An equinox is a day in which the day and night are the same length. They are balanced. And balance is something that is very important to everything we do.

We believe in finding a balance between your present needs and future dreams. And that balance is different for everyone.

Our new name represents who we are today, and gives us room to grow as a team and a business into the future.