Creating great financial futures through the provision of high quality financial planning advice.

Data Security

To ensure that your personal information remains secure we do not email sensitive documents. And we request that you do not email documents to us.

Instead we use myprosperity online software to safely transfer, sign and store documents. Your secure myprosperity account offers bank level encryption to protect your information and allows you to upload documents for our review as well.

Quotes & Invoices

For one off jobs and initial engagements we will provide you with an upfront fixed price quote (terms of engagement). You will need to sign this document before we commence your work.

We will also require payment upfront. Our invoices are issued on 7 day terms.

For review clients you will be issued with a terms of engagement and client service agreement which will set out the fees and payment terms. These documents will also clearly outline what we will do for you.

The Way We Work

  1. Initial meeting – This meeting is about getting to know each other and discussing what you hope to achieve.
  2. Fact find – This document is a legal requirement and is designed to collect all the details we will need to be able to effectively advise you. Depending on your circumstances this document can be completed by you at home or in a meeting with us.
  3. Preparation of statement of advice (SoA) – We review all the information you have provided us with thoroughly, and our recommendations are presented in a detailed document. Once this is complete, we will contact you to make another appointment.
  4. Action meeting – At this meeting we will go through the details of the SoA document to explain our recommendations and to ensure that you understand them fully. The next step is for you to confirm your acceptance of the details and give us the “authority to proceed”.
  5. Implementation – Once we have received the signed “authority to proceed”, we will commence actioning the recommendations.
  6. Regular review – To ensure that your portfolio continues to perform and to meet your risk profile, we will review your portfolio regularly. We will meet regularly for an investment review. At this meeting, we will review your investments performance and discuss any adjustments that need to be made.