3 Things you can check to keep your data safe

Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement about increased cyberattacks it is a timely reminder to ensure that you’re doing some basic things to ensure access to your data and online accounts are as secure as they can be. Here are 3 simple steps to consider.

Keep in mind, no system is completely safe. This guide is not designed to cover all issues, just provide a quick reminder of things to check in day to day life. Specific industries and businesses may have differing needs. If you are uncertain, consult an IT specialist.

3 things to check

  • Keep your passwords secure. Make sure you are using secure passwords and changing them regularly. This will help to keep your data safe. Passwords should never be words that can be easily guessed. Nor should they be recorded anywhere that is easily accessed.
  • Use multi step authentication. Whenever possible activate multi-step authentication. This is also known as 2 step authentication (2SA) or multi factor authentication (MFA) and adds another layer of security to your data.
  • Keep your apps and operating systems are secure. Make sure security updates are downloaded when they are released. Make sure you are only downloading apps that you are confident are secure and from reputable sources. Don’t use third party add ons unless you are likewise confident they are secure.

If you at any time believe your accounts may have been compromised you should take action immediately.